Beara Peninsula
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Beara peninsula on The Wild Atlantic Way

 accommodation b&b,  hotels, self catering, camping, also excellent restaurants serving locally caught fish

 Workshops & Retreats with World reknowned tutors, and a beautiful garden centre

Beara Peninsula which has so much to offer the visitor, mountains to climb, lakes to canoe in, great fishing

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Beara raw appeal

Maybe the initial reward is the dramatic rawness of the rugged mountains descending into the wild Atlantic, and the narrow lanes meandering around the peninsula passing turf bogs, stone circles and slate roof houses. Stone walls, some covered with earth and grass, ring forts, wedge graves, stone circles left to the four winds. In most parts of the World such sights would have gates and entry fees, whereas here in Beara they are for the most part left freely for visitors. Some are easy to find, others harder to discover
Watch videos of Beara, like one of the Ardgroom Stone Circle seen here, or Dereenataggart near Castletownbere
stone circle
ruined lighthouse

Beara past history

Take Dursey Island for example, steeped in history that isn't abundantly obvious. Dig a little, scratch the surface and there is a wealth of knowledge to unfold, like the reason for the stone tower that stands on the second highest hill. The remains of an old fort on the small island on the south coast. A cliff near the cable car which might be glanced as nothing special, but bears a gruesome secret. There is a lot more to Dursey than first meets the eye. The old ruin at the western tip, what was it built for? A cow shed perhaps? A ruined lighthouse just off the tip, what happened there?

Beara Coast

The Wild Atlantic Way runs along the whole coast of Beara, providing spectacular views at all times of the year. We have spectacular cliffs, beautiful beaches, little harbours that will make you want to grab your camera or easel to do a spot of painting. Why is the sand on Ballydonegan beach different to the sand at say Garnish beach? What are those towers above the village of Allihies?
sandy beach
The Ewe

Beara artist

Is it true there are a lot of full time artists living on Beara? We have galleries filled with the finest art. Would you believe how much stuff is made locally? There's not just a few hand made items the craft workers are bursting with ideas ranging from basket making to woollens, cut glass, pottery, necklaces, hand drawn cards, paintings, photographic prints

Beara Bookshop

Discover Beara through the writings of the writers that live here, some writing fiction others writing fact like Connie Murphy who brought out a wonderful book on Prehistoric Archaeology, and Gerdie Harrington who brought together historical stories of Beara with books like Beara History and Stories shown here. The Anam Cara Artists and Writers Retreat draws people in from all over the World to paint and write. One such person is Anna Sweeney who wrote Deadly Intent which is based on Beara. Then there is the  book 'Ireland's Lighthouses ~ A Photo Essay by John Eagle'
All to be found in the Beara Bookshop
Beara Bookshop
When you actually start to look around Beara you will get to see what is waiting to be discovered
Come and Discover Beara
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